Les échantillons de l'Herbier HNG

Famille Taxon Collecteur Numéro Pays Station de collecte
Sapindaceae Paullinia pinnata L. Barry M.S. 7 Guinée Conakry Dara-Labe
Sapindaceae Paullinia pinnata L. Camara Ni, ; Doré T,S, ; Sow B, 5 Guinée Conakry Kassapo
Sapindaceae Paullinia pinnata L. Cheek M. 16540 Guinée Conakry Oure Kaba. Colline Pamadela. Remnant forest in woodland. Trees on slope below hameau.
Sapindaceae Paullinia pinnata L. Gandeka A. 274 Guinée Conakry Coyah
Sapindaceae Paullinia pinnata L. Konomou G. 11 Guinée Conakry Ansoumaniah
Sapindaceae Paullinia pinnata L. Lopez Poveda, L, 151 Guinée Conakry Hill Dimi koutou. aprox 1km N from Sabouya
Sapindaceae Paullinia pinnata L. Oliano S, 56 Guinée Conakry Kenketen
Sapotaceae Englerophytum oblanceolatum (S.Moore) T.D.Penn. Cheek M. 16606 Guinée Conakry Madina-oula. Frigiya village. about 20km NE of Madina-oula. Evergreen forest along stream with granite boulders.
Sapotaceae Gambeya perpulchra (Mildbr.) Aubrév. & Pellegr. Guilavogui K. 594 Guinée Conakry Sérédou/ massif de Ziama
Sapotaceae Synsepalum brevipes (Baker) T.D.Penn. Cheek M. 16570 Guinée Conakry Oure Kaba. Rheophyte study site. River below bridge. end of dry season.
Sapotaceae Synsepalum brevipes (Baker) T.D.Penn. Lopez Poveda, L, 157 Guinée Conakry Yema river. 1km N from Sabouya. Gallery forest. Canopy is 70% but very thin. about 40m wide
Sapotaceae Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertner subsp. paradoxa Lopez Poveda, L, 97 Guinée Conakry Tokounou
Schizaeaceae Lygodium smithianum Pr, Haba P, 60 Guinée Conakry Seringbara
Scrophulariaceae Bacopa decumbens F.N.Williams Cheek M. 16702 Guinée Conakry Singuelen village north to the two granite inselbergs Moofani on an estuary.
Scrophulariaceae Bacopa decumbens F.N.Williams Cheek M. 16755 Guinée Conakry Sengulen Moofanyi inserlberg (masculine) off the rock on e side. Avicennia mangrove and nearby.
Scrophulariaceae Cycnium adonense E.Mey ex Benth. subsp. camporum (Engl.) O.J.Hansen Couch, C,A, 603 Guinée Conakry Approx 700m from village of Konsankoro onthe road to Beyla. Hill to the east.
Scrophulariaceae Dopatrium senegalense Benth. Merklinger F,F 86 Guinée Conakry Mofanyi Inselberg. Forecariah.
Scrophulariaceae Scoparia dulcis L. Camara Ni, ; Doré T,S, ; Sow B, 26 Guinée Conakry Kabata
Scrophulariaceae Scoparia dulcis L. Doumbouya S. 138 Guinée Conakry Banian. Zone herbeuse. sur la pente de la colline. coté NS.
Scrophulariaceae Scoparia dulcis L. Gandeka A. 245 Guinée Conakry UGAN

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